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The RAID Dive Control Specialist (equivilent DM + Assistant Inst) certification is the first professional level in the RAID System and therefore, the dive community expects individuals of this level to have certain attributes, such as:

  • Exemplary diving skills, to demonstration quality
  • Rescue skills, to prevent or assist in the management of diving accidents
  • Professional-level knowledge of dive theory
  • Competence as a certified assistant, by handling logistical, supervisory and some educational duties
  • Dive management and supervision abilities, this requires good judgment and sound people skills
  • Ethical role model behavior, displaying common honesty and courtesy, and follow accepted, responsible dive practices
  • Enthusiastic and fun, being pleasant and sociable individuals with a passion for diving!

Upon successful completion of the RAID Dive Control Specialist Internship with Australasian Diving Academy, you will display all of the above characteristics, with confidence. You will also have gained experience with the day-to-day operating procedures of a recreational dive business, ranging from customer service to SCUBA course operations.


How do I start?

Purchase your RAID Divemaster package, then using the manuals provided start your course pre study. Once that is done just book onto one of our scheduled Dive Control Specialist programs.

The Australasian Diving Academy Dive Control Specialist course has a 4 day contact period followed by a flexible internship. Please discuss with us a timetable that would be suitable for you.

Course Details

Cost $895


Course includes:

Dive Control Specialist Text.
Dive Control Specialist slate set
Pool Entry
All internship Training
Unlimited advice, help and assistance during your course



  • RAID Advanced or equivalent
  • Stress & Rescue Diver or equivalent
  • CPR certification within 2 years
  • Minimum 18 years
  • Medical Examination form (within the last 12 months)
  • Minimum 60 logged dives
  • Your own professional level dive equipment

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