What’s in the course?

Do you remember that dive when you still had half a cylinder full of air but had to come up because you had reached your No-Decompression-Limit? What you needed was Enriched Air Nitrox By using Nitrox you can safely extend your bottom times without the risk of decompression sickness. Just think, using air at 18 meters you are only allowed 56 minutes maximum bottom time.


If you had 32% Nitrox, you could stay for 95 minutes.
If you had used 36% Nitrox, you could be underwater for up to 125 minutes!!


Come and see why more and more people are switching over to Enriched Air.

How is the course run?

This course involves some pre-study reading followed by 2 shore dives and a simple multiple-choice quiz at the end of the day. You will develop your knowledge on planning safe dives and learn how using Enriched Air can increase your dive times while greatly reducing the risks of decompression sickness. Australasian Diving Academy will show you how simple it is to analyze your breathing gas to ensure you are going to have that safe, extended dive next time your out doing what you enjoy the most.

Course Details

Cost: $395

Minimum deposit: $100


  • SSI Enriched Air Diver Specialty Manual
  • Equivalent Air Depth tables
  • Oxygen Exposure tables
  • 32% EANx table
  • 36% EANx table
  • 2 Shore dives
  • 2 Enriched Air Nitrox fills
  • Passport photos
  • Certification Card

Equipment Required

SCUBA Unit this can be hired for the duration of the course @ the single day rate.

  • Compass
  • Dive Knife
  • Whistle

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