What’s in the course?

The Scuba Equipment Care and Maintenance course is designed for the purpose of increasing EVERY DIVERS knowledge of the equipment that you use and depend upon to practice your sport safely and comfortably. It is designed to guide you through basic scuba equipment maintenance procedures, as well as provide information on essential aspects of scuba diving equipment design and function. By learning how to care for all types of diving equipment and their components, from the simplest o-ring to something as complex as your regulator, you can insure not only the safe operation of your equipment but your personal diving safety as well.

How is the course run?

You will spend a day in the classroom with a fully qualified service technician who is experienced in all makes and models of scuba equipment, showing you some history of dive equipment and how to maintain the most up to date equipment on the market today. Here you will gain important hints and tips that will help you prolong the life of your diving equipment, learn the differences and advantages of various parts of equipment and how to set up a spare parts kit that will get you out on that next dive.

Course Details

Cost: $140
Minimum deposit: $50

Includes :

  • All Theory
  • Hands on Experience
  • SSI Equipment Care & Maintenance Manual
  • SSI Equipment Specialty Certification

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