Open Water Diving Lessons - The entry level to SCUBA

There is no better time than now to open up the wonders of the underwater world with a RAID Open Water Diver Course. With some of the worlds best diving right at our door step, Perth is a great place to learn to dive.

With ADAs unique at home study program, gone are the days of listening to hours and hours of lectures. Learning to dive is now a practical and fun activity.



The first step to start your diving journey is to register online with RAID

Before you start on your training you should be assessed by a doctor to make sure you are fit for diving. This form will be available on the RAID website when you register. 


Can anyone learn to dive?

Providing you pass a recreational diving medical, can swim and are over the age of 12 we can teach you to dive.


Course options


Fulltime Course

4 consecutive days starting on a Wednesday and finishing on a Saturday 9am to 5 pm each day.


Part time Course

2 consecutive weekends, 9am 5pm each day


Cost $430


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