What’s in the course?

You’ve just had the most amazing dive. Everything you ever wanted to see was there. No matter how hard you try to explain what you saw, words just can’t quite give it credit. By taking the PADI Underwater Photography Specialty course, you will always be able to ‘take the dive home with you.

Whether you have a basic disposable waterproof camera or a full professional pack, on this course we will show you helpful hints and tips on how to prepare and use your camera underwater and get the maximum potential out of your films. Combine this with the Naturalist Specialty Course and really get the maximum advantage with your desire to get that perfect shot.

How is the course run?

This course involves some pre-study reading followed by 2 shore dives On your first dive you will learn the basics of close up / macro photography. Here you will discover how correct lighting can really make or break that perfect shot.

Your next dive concentrates on modeling, composure and framing. By learning the correct placement of your strobes and learning how to passively interact with the aquatic life, you will soon start getting the results you desire.

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Course Details

Cost: $199
Minimum deposit: $50


Includes :

  • PADI Underwater Photography Specialty Manual
  • 2 Shore dives
  • 2 Air Fills
  • Passport photos
  • Certification Card
  • CD-Rom to save your digital photos onto

Equipment Required :

  • SCUBA Unit
  • Camera

this can be hired for the duration of the course @ the single day rate.

  • Compass
  • Dive Knife
  • slate

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